the sun was shining the day she was wearing flowers in her hair

I love everything she's wearing :) Actually, I love her.
[Mischa Barton looking gorgeous in the Make-a-wish Foundation a couple of days ago]


Summer heats my blood


This morning I woke up to see that everything was covered with snow. Shit. I don't get what's going on, last week we had 22ºC and today we had -1ºC! This is crazy! I used to love snow, but after the horrible weather we've had this winter, I feel I'm starting to fed up with snow. So this is why I'm posting these pictures, because I can't wait to put on light summer dresses, shorts and sandals!


Devil Came to Me and Said "You Just Follow Me"


Today I was told that maybe next year I'll be studying in Poland for the whole course... wow I don't know what to think or what to feel... I just can't believe it!

Talking about other stuff, in two weeks I'll be going to Paris and I want to do a bit of vintage shopping, but I don't know any vintage or thirft store there... so please if anyone knows any good (and not very very expensive) shop please tell me! I'm desperate!


Butterfly in the sky, I can dress twice as high...

mmmm today was one of those days that you think it's gonna be awful when you wake up but then it turns out to be pretty good day and you go to bed and just before falling asleep you are remembering how much you laughed and how lovely your friends are :)


No one bites as hard

(fashionising & I don't remember)
Shit, I've neglected the blog for a whole week... and it wasn't because I was too bussy, so I don't have any excuse! Now I've got so many pictures to share that I don't know how to decide which ones post next and/or how to arrange them...